East Oxford low traffic neighbourhood consultation June 2021

East Oxford - Divinity Road, St Mary's and St Clement's Areas: Proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and Quietways Report.  The report will be taken to the Cabinet Member for Decision on 29 July 2021.  Please see link below:


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Hello residents, businesses, employers and visitors.

Big changes are planned to road layouts in the Divinity Road, St Mary’s and St Clements areas of Oxford to make the streets safer and more pleasant for everyone.

We’ve been working closely with local councillors and community members to produce designs to reduce traffic in the area.  These changes will turn Divinity Road, St Mary’s and St Clements areas into low traffic neighbourhoods enabling people to feel safer when they walk and cycle.

The designs are now ready for you to feedback on.  

What is a low traffic neighbourhood? (LTN)

LTNs remove through traffic from local streets by adding filters at key locations. These filters could be planters or bollards positioned at a specific junction. They are designed to stop all motor traffic (including lorries, vans, cars and motorcycles) using the road to take short-cuts but cycles, wheelchairs and pedestrians can pass through.

All streets and households in an LTN remain accessible by motor vehicles although residents, visitors and delivery vehicles may need to change their route.

LTNs are designed to make the area more pleasant and safer to live in. They reduce air pollution and traffic noise and encourage people to walk or cycle more.

Who has been involved in shaping the design? 

Residents, councillors, disability groups and businesses have all been involved with shaping the design for your local low traffic neighbourhood.

We have also worked with all the emergency services, waste collection services and utilities companies to check the design lets their services operate safely. 

What will happen after the public consultation?

A report on the responses to the consultation will be prepared and published.  The Cabinet member decision is due on 29 July, they will decide whether to go ahead with east Oxford trial LTNs as consulted on or to go ahead with amendments or not to go ahead. This will be a public meeting and you can request to speak at the meeting in advance.

What will happen during the trial? 

After this consultation and if approved, we plan to trial the LTN via experimental traffic regulation orders (ETROs). This enables us to test the trial initially for 6 months, during which time we will monitor the impacts of the LTN. We will check traffic flows on the residential roads in the LTN and the main roads around the area, walking and cycling flows, noise levels and air quality. 

We will send a leaflet to tell you when the changes will happen and explain the changes in more detail.

To really test it out, we’re inviting you to make the most of the trial period, try walking, scooting and cycling when you make local journeys around the LTN and tell us what you think.  

We will ask for your views on the LTN throughout the 6 month consultation.  

Once everything is in place, a 6-month consultation trial period begins when we will monitor and listen to feedback. It may be that some modifications are made while the trial is in progress, in which case the 6-month trial will begin again from when modifications are made. However there is an overall 18 months’ time limit to the process.  A decision must be taken before then on whether to remove the trial or make it permanent. This decision will be made by councillors at an open public meeting where members of the public can apply to speak.  

Want to know more or give feedback?

Have your say here online using the blue button below. The consultation page includes a feedback survey, maps of the filters and questions and answers.

If you, or anyone else you know, needs a paper copy of the design or the feedback survey or information in a different format or language, please email eastoxfordltn@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Or call the council’s customer service team on 01865 792 422.  Please note our customer service team are unable to answer detailed questions about the LTN proposals.   

Keep up to date with the east Oxford LTN by following the county council on social media or sign up get the latest news from across Oxfordshire on the homepage of the county council website. You can choose what you are interested in.

Key Dates

8 June            Start of public survey on the trial design 

29 June          Close of public survey on the trial design 

19 July           Report on the proposed LTN published on the county council website  

29 July           Cabinet member decision on whether to trial LTN. This will be a public meeting and  you can request to speak at the meeting in advance.    

Autumn          LTN trial starts by installation of bollards and planters

Early 2022     Council cabinet member decision (after the trial period) to extend LTN trial or to make changes or make it permanent or to remove it after considering the monitoring and feedback. If the scheme is extended or modified to allow for further monitoring and feedback, a final decision will be taken later in 2022 or very early 2023.


  • Opened
    8 Jun 2021 at 13:00
  • Closed
    29 Jun 2021 at 23:59

Consultation Documents

  • St Mary's
    St Mary's proposed filters - SM1 Circus Road, SM2 Temple Street, SM3 Stockmore Street, SM4 Marston Street, SM5 James Street, SM6 Bullington Road, SM7 Leopold Street, SM8 Magdalen Road, SM9 Barnet Street, SM10 Howard Street
  • St Clements
    St Clements proposed filters - SC1 Rectory Road, SC2 Princes Road
  • Divinity Road Area
    Divinity Road Area proposed filters - DR1 Divinity Road and DR2 Southfield Road

Supporting Documents


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