Town Centre (Burford) Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (7.5 tonne Weight Limit)

Oxfordshire County Council has decided to make the following experimental Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and all other enabling powers. The effect of the order, which comes into force on 05 August May 2020 is to prevent goods vehicles that exceed 7.5 tonnes passing through Burford town using the following roads:

  1. the A361 (The Hill & High Street) from the A40 Burford roundabout to the A424/A361 Fulbrook mini-roundabout,
  2. Barns Lane from its junction at Burford roundabout.
  3. Tanners Lane from the A40.

* Witney Street and Sheep Street are currently covered by weight limits and these will remain unchanged.

Notes: Permit applications for exemption will be managed by Burford Town Council from HGV owners/operators who are locally based. Alternative routes for HGV traffic will be informed of the restriction using advance road signage on the A40, A44, A361, A422, A424, A429 & A436

The experiment is being proposed as it is considered necessary on the grounds of promoting road safety, reducing danger (including damage to roads and buildings) and congestion, and improving the environment of the area. The order is primarily intended to protect the historic centre of the town, its infrastructure and residential streets, and its community from heavy lorry traffic. The restriction would force heavy goods vehicles to make full use of the alternative major road network around the area.

The Experimental Order will operate for a maximum period of 18 months and will be monitored by Burford Town Council and the County Council. Findings will be reported to the Council`s Transport Committee meeting after at least 6 months.

The Council will be considering in due course whether the provisions of the Experimental Order should be continued in force indefinitely. Any person may object to the making of the experimental Order for the purposes of such indefinite continuation within a period of 6 months** (a) beginning with the day on which the experimental Order comes into force or (b) if that Order is varied by any order made by the Council or modified by the Director for Communities/Infrastructure Delivery of the Council pursuant to Section 10(2) of the 1984 Act, beginning with the day on which the variation or modification comes into force.

** Objections to the proposals and other representations, specifying the grounds on which they are made, may be sent in by completing the online questionnaire, via email or in writing (quoting ref: CM/12.6.149) to the address below by 05 February 2021. The Council will consider objections and representations received in response and they may be disseminated widely for these purposes and made available to the public.

Burford Town Council (BTC*) HGV Exemption Scheme:

Locally based HGV owners/operators (for load/goods carrying purposes) may apply for a permit exempting them from the restrictions (allowing them to drive through without the need to stop in the town).

BTC* will administer the scheme which includes the provision of permit application documents and their management (GDPR compliant), criteria for permit allocation, their duration, cost and renewal procedures, and the displaying on vehicles of permits supplied by BTC.

BTC will alone decide on eligibility to grant a permit, and action to take in the event of non-compliance with application and renewal requirements, and/or permit conditions of use (vehicle specific – non-transferable).

Enforcement of the restriction will be undertaken by BTC manually and by camera recording. Breaches will be considered for written warnings by BTC, or for prosecution by the preparation of a court file - to be undertaken by Oxfordshire County Council.

There will be statutory exemptions for emergency services, for any HGV delivering or collecting goods within the restricted roads, and for utility services, as well as for non-goods vehicles e.g. agricultural vehicles, private horse transports, fairground vehicles, military vehicles.

(Burford Town Council, The Tolsey, 126 High Street OX18 4QU)

Please read the information provided on this consultation. Your views and opinions matter. Please take the time to respond.


  • Opened
    22 Jul 2020 at 09:00
  • Closes
    5 Feb 2021 at 23:59



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