Consultation on Early Years National Funding Formula (EYNFF)

Background and overview

The Early Years National Funding Formula (EYNFF) for 3- and 4-year olds was introduced in April 2017. Each year the Government publishes guidance setting out the overall framework, rates and expectations on local authorities in implementing the EYNFF.

Local authorities are required to consult providers on annual changes to their local formula.

National rates for 2020-21 have increased. Arrangements for funding received so far from the Government for the EYNFF in Oxfordshire are:

3- and 4-year olds - The EYNFF funding rate from the Government to Oxfordshire in 2020-21 is £4.47 from £4.39 in 2019-20.

From this 3 and 4 year old allocation, the DfE allows the Local Authority to retain 5% of the allocation for, “centrally retained funding (for central services or services in-kind. This includes Early Years staffing teams, commissioning, and training related expenditure).

After deductions for the mandatory Deprivation Supplement, SEN Inclusion Fund allocations and Contingency, the Universal rate paid to all providers will increase by 8p from £4.04 per hour to £4.12 per hour, subject to the outcome of this consultation.

Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) – There is no change proposed to the existing national rate of 53p per hour per eligible child, up to a maximum 570 hours per year. 

Mandatory deprivation supplement – The supplement is £0.47 and is paid for those children in receipt of the EYPP. This makes the rate per hour up to £1. There is no change proposed for this in 2020-21.

Disability Access Fund (DAF) - The national rate for DAF is £615 per eligible child per year.  The funding is for three- and four-year olds who are not in reception that are claiming the Disability Living Allowance (DLA).  There is no change proposed for 2020-21

Supplementary funding for Maintained Nursery Schools (MNS) to protect 2016 to 2017 funding rates, prior to the introduction of the EYNFF, for universal hours. There is no change proposed to the methodology for 2020-21 but the rate may change.

SEN funding under the SEN inclusion fund – The funding is paid to providers supporting children with low level or emerging needs. The current rate is £38.50 per week paid to schools and settings indicating the number of children using a ‘k’ code on their census return. Changes from weekly to hourly payments are proposed for 2020-21.

2 Year olds – The funding rate from the Government to Oxfordshire in 2020-21 is £5.60 per hour from £5.52 per hour in 2019-20

There is no ‘pass-through requirement’ for two-year olds and the Council currently does not retain any funding for central administration. There are no compulsory supplements for two-year olds and local authorities are not required to establish a SEN Inclusion Fund for two year olds but can propose this. Some of these aspects are subject to this consultation.


Depending on the outcome of this consultation the £5.60 ph may be reduced.

Final allocations were announced by Government in late December. The allocations, proposed provider rates and the outcome of this consultation, will be reported to Oxfordshire’s Schools Forum on 6 February 2020:

There then follows political ratification and final rates will be communicated to providers as early as possible and hopefully by March 1st.

The timetable is challenging for all involved. The consultation will close on February 3rd. We encourage providers to engage in this consultation and thank you in advance for your contributions.


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    13 Jan 2020 at 12:00
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    3 Feb 2020 at 12:00
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    06 Feb 2020



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