Headington Quarry (Oxford) - Proposed Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) INFORMAL CONSULTATION

Oxfordshire County Council proposes to introduce a CPZ within the Headington Quarry area of Oxford. Ahead of this OCC needs to consult widely to ensure that the CPZ meets the needs of residents, local businesses and local community groups.

How does a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) work?

Permits are required to park in the CPZ during the days and times it operates. Residents and businesses in the CPZ are eligible to apply for these permits, which include – for residents – permits for their visitors.

There is considerable flexibility to shape the CPZ to meet local needs:

  • CPZ restrictions can operate only on specified days / times (e.g. Monday to Friday 8am to 6.30pm) or at all times. The restrictions only apply to the highway, so do not affect parking on driveways etc.
  • A CPZ will usually allow non-permit holders to park for a short time (typically 2 hours) without the need for a permit during the time the CPZ restrictions apply, either in designated places, or throughout the zone.
  • Most new CPZ’s in residential areas will allow parking anywhere, except where yellow lines are marked or where there are places marked for special uses (e.g. disabled person parking places). It is then up to drivers to ensure that they park responsibly and in accordance with the Highway Code, including where they choose to park partly on a pavement. This approach is only possible where the same restrictions apply throughout the CPZ – signs are provided at the entries to the CPZ and also at regular intervals within the CPZ.
  • In areas where there is a mix of residential and business premises, the CPZ may have parking places marked on the street (including where vehicles are allowed to park partly on the pavement) – each parking place will have a sign saying what restrictions apply - the restrictions in a parking place may change at different times of the day / day of the week.

How many permits are issued to residents and how much do they cost?

  • A resident within the CPZ can apply for a permit for one vehicle (there are restrictions on the size of vehicle that is eligible for a permit; permits are not required for a motorcycle).
  • Most new CPZ’s don’t place a limit on the number of permits allowed for each property, if there are several residents each with their own vehicle living at the same address. The current annual cost for up to two permits will be £60 each, but with a third permit costing £120 and a fourth (and any additional permits) costing £180 each. In areas where parking pressures are particularly severe, there may however be a limit on the number of permits per property.
  • Residents (aged 17 or over) would be able to apply for up to 50 visitor parking permits per year; the first block of 25 issued are free, and the second block of 25 currently cost £20.
  • Properties which were granted planning permission on the basis of being car-free developments (for example purpose-built student accommodation) will not be eligible for any permits.

The above is a very brief summary of the proposed eligibility for permits for residents – special provisions apply for businesses, Blue badge holders, carers, contractor’s vehicles etc. More detailed information on permit eligibility as provided in the current CPZ’s in Oxford can be found on https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/public-site/parking-permits .

The costs of all permits are reviewed every three years.

Which roads would be included in a CPZ in the Headington Quarry area?

The following roads would be proposed to be included in the CPZ:

Gladstone Road

Cooper Place  

Quarry High Street

Quarry High Street

Coppock Close  

Quarry Hollow  

Spring Lane  

Gladstone Road  

Quarry School Place


Green Road  

Scrutton Close  

Beaumont Road  

Hedges Close  

Spring Lane  

Bushnell Close  

New Cross Road

Toot Hill Butts

Chequers Place  

Pitts Road  

Trinity Road  

Colemans Hill  



What happens next?

The responses to this questionnaire will be carefully reviewed. If there is support for introducing a CPZ, we will then prepare a draft Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) that will specify the detailed provisions of the proposed CPZ, and we will write to you again to seek your views as part of the formal consultation required for all TROs.

Your response should be completed and returned by 31 December 2018.

Note: Whilst we will endeavour to answer simple queries during the course of the informal consultation, due the large volume of responses received any more complex questions/issues will be appraised and dealt with as part of consultation process. Should a proposed CPZ move onto the formal consultation stage further information will be provided at that point, including details on the justification, proposed restrictions & permit eligibility.

Any objections to the formal consultation will be reported to the Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet Member for Environment’s decisions meeting – these are public meetings, which members of the public may apply to address. The date of this meeting will be given in the letter you will receive for the formal consultation.


This consultation has now closed.


  • Opened
    19 Nov 2018 at 06:00
  • Closed
    31 Dec 2018 at 23:59


Contact Name Christian Mauz (Technical Officer - Traffic & Road Safety)
Contact Email Address christian.mauz@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Contact Phone Number 0345 310 1111
Contact Postal Address Oxfordshire County Council
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Consultation Topic
  • Economy & business
  • Planning
  • Roads & transport
Target Audience
  • Oxfordshire residents
  • Councillors
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