High Street & St Aldates (Oxford) Proposed Loading & Unloading and Taxi Provision

Oxfordshire County Council proposes to make some changes to how kerb space is used at the west end of High Street, and the north end of St Aldate’s, Oxford.  The changes are in response to concerns about congestion caused by the current arrangements at peak times and the need to provide a facility for Hackney Carriages (taxis) to ply for trade during the daytime (a taxi rank). Specifically, the changes comprise of the following:

On the north side of High Street:

  • the temporary bus stop clearway outside the Covered Market that was introduced whilst Queen Street was closed for the Westgate redevelopment would be replaced by a two-car daytime taxi rank and some space for loading.  The taxi rank is needed because the rank currently marked out on the south side of High Street by the former Nat West bank has never been used due to the congestion issues it caused as a result of being located opposite the busy Turl Street bus stops. 
  • The space for loading is a replacement of the current loading bay (space for 1 vehicle) by The Mitre pub that would be removed.  This latter loading bay contributes to congestion in this section of the street, specifically in the afternoon peak period when buses at the stops east of Turl Street often spend a long time picking up passengers.  Vehicles loading outside The Mitre mean that buses waiting to get into the Turl Street bus stop inevitably block High Street. 


To help address the pressure on the eastbound bus stops at Turl Street, it is proposed to:

  • lengthen the existing bus stop clearway markings by relocating the existing blue badge holder parking bay a short distance to the east (to the other side of the street trader bay).  Most of the time, this would allow a third bus to wait in the Turl Street bus stop meaning other traffic can keep moving alongside.

On the south side of High Street:

  • the bus stop clearway outside the old Nat West bank would be removed along with the taxi rank in that location – neither of these have been used since shortly after they were introduced, because of the congestion they caused as a result of being opposite to the Turl Street eastbound bus stop. 


On both sides of High Street and St Aldate’s (where there are double yellow lines):

  • it has been established that OCC cannot use the signs that are intended to restrict waiting and loading between midday and 8pm.  We are therefore proposing to change these signs to those with the peak hour loading ban that is used already for the rest of the streets i.e. no loading 7.30am to 9.30 am and 4pm to 6.30pm.   

Objections to the proposals and other representations, specifying the grounds on which they are made, may be sent in by completing the online questionnaire, via email or in writing (quoting ref: CM.12.6.320) to the address below by 07 June 2019. The Council will consider objections and representations received in response and they may be disseminated widely for these purposes and made available to the public.

It is currently planned that any unresolved objections will be reported to the Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment Decisions meeting on 27 June 2019. The papers for the meeting will be available on the County Council’s website about a week before the meeting.


This consultation has now closed.


  • Opened
    10 May 2019 at 00:00
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    7 Jun 2019 at 23:59


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