(EXTENDED) INFORMAL CONSULTATION - Magdalen Road South Area (Oxford) Proposed Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)

The County Council  is grateful for all the very helpful contributions from residents who took part in the informal resident-led survey regarding the parking difficulties for residents of the MRS area, bounded by Essex Street, Howard Street, Magdalen Road and Iffley Road, in July and August of this year.

Based on the outcome of the informal survey, Oxfordshire County Council has agreed to fund the introduction of a CPZ. However, ahead of this, we need to further consult widely to ensure that it meets the needs of residents, local businesses and community groups.

Two further formal processes are required. OCC needs to carry out its own initial (informal) consultation to assess the type of CPZ that may be desired so that a planned/designed scheme can then be formally consulted on in due course. OCC has also agreed to extend the area to include the remaining roads up to the Cowley Road boundary, and need to include these residents in the consultation for the first time.

The County Council will review the responses, and – if a CPZ appears to be generally supported – will prepare detailed proposals which it believes best reflect the views expressed in this informal consultation.  Any such proposals will then require a formal consultation, which would likely be carried out in the spring of 2018.

Any response should be completed and returned by 16 February 2018.


Explanatory Notes – Magdalen Road South Area (MRS)

How do CPZ’s work?

Permits are required to park in the CPZ during the days and times it operates. Only residents and businesses in the CPZ are eligible to apply for these permits, which include – for residents –an allocation of permits for their visitors.

There is considerable flexibility to shape the CPZ to meet local needs:

  • CPZ restrictions may operate only on specified days / times (e.g. Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.30pm) or at all times.
  • Non-permit holders may be allowed to park for a short time (typically 2 hours) without the need for a permit, either in designated places, or throughout the zone in a ‘minimum impact’ CPZ (see below).
  • In an MINIMUM IMPACT CPZ, signs are provided at the entry to the zone, and also at regular intervals within the zone but no parking places are marked on the street.  Parking is allowed anywhere, except where yellow lines are marked or where there are places marked for special uses (e.g. disabled person parking places). It is then up to drivers to ensure that they park responsibly, including where they choose to park partly on a pavement. This approach is only possible where the same restrictions apply throughout the CPZ.
  • In a CONVENTIONAL CPZ- such as the nearby East Oxford CPZ - parking places are marked on the street (including where vehicles are allowed to park partly on the pavement) – each parking place will have a sign saying what restrictions apply; the restrictions in a parking place may change at different times of the day / day of week.

How many permits are issued to residents and how much do they cost?

As with most other nearby CPZ’s  it is very likely that a scheme at MRS would allow for the following:

  • Each property would be eligible for permits for up to two vehicles; an annual fee of £60 for each permit currently applies (note: motorcycles do not require permits).
  • Eligible residents (aged 17 or over) would be able to apply for up to 50 visitor parking permits per year; the first block of 25 issued are free, and the second block of 25 currently cost £20.
  • Businesses would be eligible to apply for one permit (and two if a need for an additional vehicle can be demonstrated) , but not for visitor parking permits.

The above is a very brief summary of the proposed eligibility for permits – special provisions apply for Blue badge holders, carers, contractor’s vehicles etc.  More detailed information on permit eligibility as provided in the current CPZ’s in Oxford can be found on https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/public-site/parking-permits

Which roads would be included in the Magdalen Road South CPZ?

The proposed CPZ will include the following streets:

Barnet Street

Catherine Street

Charles Street

Cricket Road (north of Howard Street)

Drove Acre Road

Essex Street

Golden Road

Harold Hicks Place

Hertford Street

Howard Street

Magdalen Road

Percy Street

Ridgefield Road (between Magdalen Road and Howard Street)

Sidney Street ( including Penhurst Court)

Silver Road

Whitson Place

 The informal consultation letter is also being sent to residents and businesses on other roads in the immediate vicinity  

What type of CPZ is being considered for Magdalen Road South CPZ scheme?

The questionnaire includes questions to help us understand what you consider to be the main issues with parking in the area to help tailor the CPZ to best meet the needs of residents, businesses and local community organisations. It asks your views on possible options for the CPZ which have been discussed informally with representatives of the Friends of Iffley Road and local residents and local councillors, but also provides an opportunity for you to suggest alternatives to these.

What happens next?

The responses to this questionnaire will be carefully reviewed. There will be opportunity to ask further questions about the design / planning opportunities at a public meeting to be held on 18 December at Magdalen Road Church at (7.30 pm).

OCC will  then prepare a draft Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) that will specify the detailed provisions of the proposed CPZ, and we will  write to you again to seek your views as part of the formal consultation required for all TRO’s.

Any objections to the formal consultation will be reported to the Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet Member for Environment’s decisions meeting – these are public meetings, which members of the public may apply to address.

It is anticipated that that the formal proposals will be reported to the meeting scheduled for the early part of 2018 but this will be confirmed in the next letter.  

What monitoring will take place if a scheme is approved?

If a CPZ is approved following the formal consultation, the County Council will monitor its performance over the first year of its operation, and if amendments to the scheme seem advisable, funding will be available to make changes. These could include - if a ‘Minimum Impact’ CPZ is implemented – amending the scheme to a conventional CPZ with clearly marked parking places throughout the zone.

However any changes would be subject to the outcome of a further consultation process.

This consultation has now closed.


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    13 Nov 2017 at 11:00
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    16 Feb 2018 at 23:59
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