Proposed Expansion of Hanborough Manor Church of England Primary School, Long Hanborough

Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions and answers will be added to this webpage as the consultation goes on.

How will classes be organised?

The academy trust would like to hear from parents their views as to how classes could be organised. One possibility is to have 2 small Reception classes and then 3 mixed Year 1 and Year 2 classes, 3 mixed Year 3 and Year 4 classes, and 3 mixed Year 5 and Year 6 classes. However, numbers will grow gradually and the school will be flexible in how it organises classes depending on actual numbers.

What will be the impact of the proposed expansion on the education of children at the school and their learning environment, i.e. in relation to staff to pupil ratios and interaction with teachers and teaching assistants?

There are many schools across the county that successfully operate with an admission number of 45 as standard. Schools of this size plan their classes with a maximum of 30 pupils per class.

Will there be enough places for all children in the village, considering the number of new houses planned? Will the expansion affect other nearby schools?

The scale of the proposed expansion has been planned in line with housing development in Long Hanborough, and subsequent population growth in the area. It is therefore expected to be sufficient to accommodate pupils moving into new housing, and is not expected to have a negative impact on other schools. There is not expected to be significant spare capacity at the school following the completion of the expansion.

Will there be a negative impact on traffic and parking near the school?

This consultation relates to the principle of expanding Hanborough Manor CE Primary School. A planning application for the buildings required to accommodate the expansion will be submitted in March 2020, which will include consideration of traffic and parking arrangements.

However, the central location of the village school should make it possible for most children to be walked to school, and the school’s Travel Plan will be amended in line with its expanded size.

How will Bartholomew School in Eynsham, which is already an oversubscribed school, cope with the influx of additional children, including from other housing developments in Eynsham and the surrounding area?

This consultation relates to the principle of expanding Hanborough Manor CE Primary School specifically. Bartholomew School currently draws from a wide area. It is expected that the school will have sufficient capacity to meet in-catchment demand in the short to medium term (the school has already increased its capacity following a recent capital project to add accommodation). The potential for further expansion in the longer term is also being explored, in relation to the additional housing growth now planned, which would require an additional site.

Why was large-scale housing development permitted in the village before starting the process of proposing to expand the school?

West Oxfordshire’s adopted Local Plan includes 339 new homes already permitted in Long Hanborough (with another 41 permitted in adjacent Freeland), with a further 25 now permitted at Oliver’s Garage. A further development, for 18 homes at Riely Close, was permitted in 2014. This gives a total of 382 new homes in Long Hanborough, or 423 across Long Hanborough and Freeland.

The feasibility of expanding Hanborough Manor CE Primary School was assessed prior to the county council’s education responses both to the permitted housing developments in Long Hanborough and to the emerging Local Plan. The county council identified the need for expansion of the school when these applications were submitted and worked with developers to secure the required funding and land.

Expanding the school too soon would have increased the risk to both it and surrounding schools of having surplus places ahead of the housing being occupied, which would have destabilised their budgets.

How can I comment on the detailed plans for the proposed expansion?

There will be the opportunity to provide comments on the plans for the proposed expansion when the building design is submitted for planning permission.

What will be the impact of the proposed expansion on the school's budget?

Revenue funding received by the school relates to pupil numbers so this will increase if the school expands. As this will be lagged, the county council will provide an expansion grant towards expenditure incurred before revenue funding increases.

Will additional green space be provided?

Additional green space is the subject of negotiations with the Parish Council and Hanborough Playing Fields Association and will be considered at the HPFA meeting on Monday 9th December.

How will the proposed expansion be implemented?

The proposed expansion would be carried out as a single project in order to minimise disruption to the school.

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