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Closed consultations

This page shows the list of closed consultations. If the responses have been analysed, you can see the results by clicking through to an individual consultation.


List of consultations
NameStatusOpen DateClose Date
Consultation on life changes, or transitions for children and young people with aspergers syndrome.
On Friday 19 June 2009, 12 of us from the Wolvercote Aspergers group took part in a consultation about major life changes, or transitions as part of Oxfordshire Youth Enablers (OYE!). We created four recommendations for people who are working with us: firstly, to set aside plenty of time to speak with us when we makes plans because we don't always like to think about abstract events in the future. Secondly, to have a very good idea about what it will take for us to go to university or work. Thirdly, to work with our parents and guardians to make sure they have the expertise to help us. Finally, we would like to see more trained job centre advisors to work with us.
Complete 18 Apr 2009 19 Apr 2009
Disabled children and young people have their say about economic wellbeing
Oxfordshire Youth Enablers (OYE!) led part of a conference on Economic Wellbeing at a London conference called Right on the Money. This report provides information about the views of disabled children and young people on bus passes, supported employment and employment advisors.
Complete 02 Mar 2009 03 Mar 2009
Approach to the South East Regional Initiative to support independent living for older people with high levels of support needs
Oxfordshire approach to the South East Regional Initiative to support independent living for older people with high levels of support needs 2009 to 2011 Priority 1 is: to embed person centred approaches to enable older people living in care homes to lead the life they want to live with increased choice and control over the support they need to do that. Priority 2 is: to provide tailored information (information prescription) for older people suffering from dementia and their carers to enable them to live an independent life. Priority 3 is: to explore transport options in West Oxfordshire that will enable older people with high levels of support needs to live independent lives and engage in community activities and networks. 'Design Day' held Feb 09. 80 people, 40 who were service users and carers
Closed 01 Feb 2009 27 Feb 2009
Place Survey 2008/09 Complete 29 Sep 2008 19 Dec 2008
Short Breaks for Disabled Children and Young People
A group of 13 disabled children and young people from Oxfordshire Youth Enablers (OYE!), said how we would like short breaks for disabled children and young people to run. We said we would like Oxfordshire County Council to make sure that: our impairments do not stop us, the money for short breaks is spent on short breaks, transport is arranged and includes staff, there are facilities near us and equipment we can use, we can get involved with risk taking activities without health and safety getting in the way of our enjoyment, we have the opportunity to show how we can do things including overcoming our own fear, there are plenty of well trained staff to work with us
Complete 01 Oct 2008 03 Oct 2008
Citizens' Panel 17: June - August 2008 Complete 20 Jun 2008 18 Aug 2008
Mental Health Web Survey: May - June 2008 Complete 01 May 2008 30 Jun 2008
Citizens' Panel 16: December 2007 - February 2008 Complete 15 Oct 2007 25 Jan 2008
Citizens' Panel Web Survey: January 2008 Complete 08 Jan 2008 18 Jan 2008
Citizens' Panel 15: August 2007 Complete 23 Jul 2007 18 Sep 2007
Citizens' Panel 14: April 2007 Complete 26 Mar 2007 11 May 2007
Best Value Performance Indicator Survey (BVPI)2006 Complete 01 Sep 2006 30 Nov 2006
Citizens' Panel 13: October 2006 Complete 16 Oct 2006 25 Nov 2006
Citizens' Panel highways special Complete 16 Oct 2006 25 Nov 2006
Citizens' Panel 12: June 2006 Complete 12 Jun 2006 30 Jun 2006
Citizens' Panel 11: April 2006 Complete 27 Mar 2006 25 Apr 2006
Citizens' Panel 10: December 2005 Complete 22 Dec 2005 31 Jan 2006
Residents' Survey 2005 Complete 23 May 2005 20 Jul 2005
Citizens' Panel 9: Summer 2005 Complete 13 Jun 2005 08 Jul 2005
Citizens' Panel 8: Spring 2005 Complete 17 Mar 2005 22 Apr 2005

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