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  • Avatar Jericho and Walton Manor Area Pilot Scheme Closed Featured

    The county council is developing a new pilot traffic scheme for the Jericho and Walton Manor area, you can take part in the consultation here.

    Open from 05 Mar 2021 to 19 Mar 2021

  • Budget consultation 2021-22 Closed Featured

    On 9 February 2021, Oxfordshire County Council will meet to agree its budget. In this consultation we are asking residents, businesses and stakeholders for their views on our budget proposals for 2021/22 and our proposed council tax increase.

    Open from 16 Dec 2020 to 13 Jan 2021

  • Draft Oxfordshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (2018 - 2023) Closed Featured

    A Draft Oxfordshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (2018 – 2023) has been developed and we would like to hear your views.

    Open from 25 Jan 2019 to 20 Feb 2019

  • Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue: Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) 2019 to 2020 Complete Featured

    Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is pleased to present the 'Community Risk Management Action Plan' (CRMP) for 2019-2020. This plan describes the four key projects that we are proposing to undertake during this period, togther with two projects continuing from last year. You are invited to send in your views about the proposed projects.

    Open from 08 Nov 2018 to 01 Feb 2019

  • Avatar Developing an Older People's Strategy for Oxfordshire 2019 - 2023 Closed Featured

    The new Oxfordshire’s Older People’s Strategy will outline how all health and care organisations across Oxfordshire will work together to help you stay as fit and healthy as possible for as long as possible; and, if you need more help, how we will ensure we work together to support your needs.

    Open from 27 Jul 2018 to 03 Sep 2018

  • Contributions Policy Consultation Complete Featured

    We would like to hear your views about proposals that, if agreed by the council, will change the way Oxfordshire County Council charges for adult social care services.

    Open from 24 Jan 2018 to 03 Apr 2018

  • Equality Policy 2018 - 2022 Complete Featured

    The Equality Policy 2018 - 2022 Consultation has been completed and the consultation feedback report is now available. Please click on the link to get to the report.

    Open from 29 Jan 2018 to 11 Mar 2018

  • Budget Consultation 2018/19 Closed Featured

    Have your say on Oxfordshire County Council's budget proposals for 2018/19 and the next three years. Your feedback will help us to set a balanced budget and agree Council Tax levels.

    Open from 06 Dec 2017 to 08 Jan 2018

  • Budget Consultation 2017/18 Closed Featured

    Have your say about our budget proposals for 2017/18 - 2020/21.

    Open from 08 Dec 2016 to 09 Jan 2017

  • Daytime Support Consultation Closed Featured

    Find out more about our consultation for Daytime Support for vulnerable adults in Oxfordshire.

    Open from 01 Nov 2016 to 20 Dec 2016

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